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Our vision is very concrete: we research and select products and suppliers on based on a "Best of Breed" strategy characteristic of Brinthesis and which originates from our experience, a methodology that we proudly call "3B" (Brinthesis' Best of Breed):

we listen to companies, our customers, professionals and therefore the people in their needs to face the challenges that are the daily problems but also the need to respond as much to business developments as to the complexities linked to the evolution of regulations and technologies;

we collaborate with analysts, capital investors, commercial entities and offices to contextualize those needs with respect to the availability and degree of maturity of the offer;

we analyze the offer with absolute attention to the prerequisites of innovation, automation, simplicity of use and implementation;

we value the technological partner in its predisposition to the evolution of the solution itself, to the operational capacity to support our action and closeness to the customer in all the phases of the collaboration: from the analysis, to the implementation to the support;

we test the solutions together with some of our customers who, in terms of size and organization, have departments that analyze and evaluate the technologies, their functionality in relation to the real needs and use in the company;

only at the end of this process WE SELECT the solutions we propose.

This is only a part of our 3B metodology, the collaboration we establish with the customer to guarantee a real value provides not only the freedom to choose the solution but also to adopt it until it ensures the best value relationship. For this reason, our choices are strictly aimed at SaaS solutions that imply contractual flexibility and simplicity of adoption, because free to choose is also accompanied by free to change.

In this process of adoption and collaboration, our "Best of Breed" 3B is a real active PARTNERSHIP proposal because what is of value to the customer is of value to Brinthesis, because in our vision the freedom to choose and change for the customer is related to the same freedom to choose and change for Brinthesis to offer the right solutions in a timely manner so that Brinthesis is a truly valuable partner able to contribute to producing economic well-being and social progress




Brinthesis Srl


In a context of continuous and rapid evolution we founded Brinthesis because we strongly believe in a future of economic well-being and social progress.
In the belief that no one better than the people we meet know the specific needs of their reality, our operating model provides a constant and close cooperation with them, sharing skills and knowledge in a continuous comparison supported by a network of analysts, capital investors and suppliers.
Aware that Innovation and Speed of Execution will determine if the Companies will still exist in 5 or 10 years, we have focused on CyberSecurity with emerging innovative solutions selected with the right mix in terms of speed, automation, simplicity, flexibility and convenience, to meet the needs specific to our customers
Paraphrasing a well-known marketing motto, we do not look for customers for our products but products for our customers.


End to End 



Data Protection & granular User Activity visibility and controls  

Regulatory Compliance solution

(GDPR Compliance)

Identity and Access Management


cybersecurity monitoring

EDR  End Point Protection

Security Platform for Advanced Cyber Attacks




Tailored for small to large organizations.

A single platform to secure the internal environment.

Implements, analyzes and detects across thousands of endpoints in under 2 hours.

Personalyzed cyber SWAT team experts protecting, detecting and responding around the clock.

Effortlessly identify, block and respond to all types of attacks on your organization’s network, without the heavy burden of deep cyber expertise and the overhead of multiple products.

Identity Platform


This solution provides the flexibility required to meet the security and usability requirements for your diverse population of identities — workforce and customer. It offers the most multi-factor authentication choices, the most adaptive authentication risk checks, support all major federation protocols for single sign-on, and deliver self-service tools to keep your users productive while reducing help desk calls.


End to End Phishing Defense Platform

Phishing Protection Across the Entire Organization



Prepares employees to be more resilient and vigilant against targeted cyber attacks.

Empowers employees to easily report sospicious emails to the internal security teams in a timely manner.

Provides incident responders with the ability to effectively prioritize, analyze and act on suspect email reports detected by employees.

Provides human-vetted phising threat intelligence to quickly verify and validate reported threats for faster incident response.

Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

24/7 automated platform  


The platform comprehensively exercises your defenses with the industry’s widest range of attack vectors, providing an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) simulation of your security posture at all times. Test your network’s ability to cope with pre-exploitation-stage threats in Email, Browsing, and WAF. You can analyze your ability to respond to real incidents with our post-exploitation modules like Hopper, Endpoint and Data Exfiltration.

Assess and improve awareness among employees against phishing, ransomware and other attacks.
Gain a clear picture of your vulnerabilities from every point of exposure and learn what will really happen when you are attacked.


Data Protection & granular User Activity visibility and controls  

Stop hackers and  malicious insiders in their tracks.


This Solution delivers data-centric security with data-flow discovery, real-time monitoring, behavior analytics, and protection across web and enterprise applications (on-prem and on-cloud) and big data environments.

Organizations deploy it to ensure data is accessed on a need-to-know basis, providing an industry-leading GDPR compliance technology, while protecting from careless and malicious abuse. This policy engine centrally delivers row and field-level access controls, risk-based user activity auditing and monitoring across platforms.
The solution combines Data Activity Monitoring and User Behavior Analytics to protect enterprise applications from malicious insiders and hacker attacks before damage occurs.


  •  Protects web and enterprise  applications
  •  Monitors high risk application  with full visibility into any user action 
  •  Detects external and internal threats  in real time
  •  Prevents fraud, monetary loss and ,  unauthorized data access instantly 
  •  Meet compliance and security regulations 
  •  Easy and intuitive deployment with ongoing support



ICS cybersecurity monitoring  


An integrated suite of cybersecurity products addresses the unique challenges of ICS systems allowing engineers, operators, and cybersecurity professionals to protect the most complex industrial networks.

It protects the safety of people, assets, and critical processes from cyber attacks. The platform provides security teams with extreme visibility into industrial control networks, real-time monitoring, network segmentation, control over employee and 3rd party remote access, and integration with existing SOC, cybersecurity and network infrastructure.


Regulatory Compliance solutions 

(GDPR compliance)


Data Centric Security & Compliance


patented software platform augments business applications with the capabilities for meeting GDPR requirements, including ‘Right to be forgotten’, ‘Data Minimization’, ‘Consent’ and ‘Records of Processing Activities’ without code changes and within days per application.


Capabilities :

- Comprehensive Audit

- Pseudonymization

- Consent Processing Controls

- Deletion/Erasure

- Data Protection

- Breach Notification





Advanced End Point Threat Protection


Prevent unknown attacks that can't be predicted and inflict the most damage. Moving Target Defense applies across attack vectors and threat types — no need for indicators, no waiting for patches or updates.


- Advanced End Point Protection 

- Virtual Desktop Protection 

- Browser based attack protection 

- Server protection 


Third-Party Privacy & Security Risk Mitigation   


This solution brings effortless solutions to help companies and organizations mitigate privacy and security risks caused by third-party technologies installed on their websites.

While the third-party threat landscape is escalating dramatically, most mitigation products require tremendous amount of efforts.

These products offer an effortless cost-effective solution for websites, combining intelligent risk management process, an efficient ongoing control and, no integration requirements at all.


Simple and effective.


It provides extensive third-party inventory and robust asset management platform, all in one place. The platform performs comprehensive third-party detection, covering entire sites and each script action within.



Brinthesis will be present at  HLS & CYBER 2018

Tel Aviv- Israel 12th - 15th nov 2018   

Brinthesis is proud to invite all its customers to the 2018 Cynet Italy Customer Event - 25th October 2018 Milano - Italy 

Brinthesis will be present at CYBERTECH EUROPE 26th-27h Sept. 2018 in Rome 


Israel Cyber Security Experience

Brinthesis will be present at  CYBER WEEK IN TEL AVIV  with italian CISO delegation 

Tel Aviv- Israel 22nd - 26th jun 2019   

Brinthesis will be present at  CSET 2019 

Genoa - 10th - 12th jun 2019   



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